Since 1711

The Ribas winery of Consell is a reference in Mallorca for winemaking. With its over three-century-old history, it is the oldest winery of the island. It is located in one of the listed stately homes from the 18th century that has been preserved intact to date, with its original historic barrel cellar and winemaking warehouse. Pedro Ribas de Cabrera, ancestor of the current owners, started in the year 1711 the construction of the winery. Ever since, wine has been made at Ca’n Ribas, and has been gaining recognition year after year. It acquired prestige over a century ago, when it was awarded the Medal of Perfection at the National Winemaking Exhibition in 1877. The descendants of Pedro Ribas aim to continue his achievements and work in accordance with a lifestyle that above all respects the land, the history and the legacy.

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