The Ribas Winery, located in the Majorcan village of Consell, has been making wine for over 300 years. A high percentage of the Majorcan grape varieties Mantonegro and Prensal are grown here in accordance with the family tradition. The Bodega Ribas is also known for recovering other native varieties from the island, like Gargollasa, which was practically extinguished, and that now complements the previous varieties.
The more than 40 hectares of vineyards are carefully worked on and harvested by hand, and count on the oldest plantation and the widest diversity of native grape varieties of the island. Ribas is the pioneer in Mallorca for grape selection in the vineyard and hand selection, grape by grape at the winery; in order to guarantee optimum quality in all the wines.
These aspects are the components that shape the pillars of the philosophy of the Ribas family, based on the quest of optimum quality through the control of their own old vines and a nurtured winemaking process leading to wines that are personal, elegant and with distinct terroir.

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